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Agile at a Large Enterprise

I’ve spent the last few years consulting at a large enterprise retailer that has traditionally managed IT projects using a waterfall methodology.  It made sense—being so large, the company is very silo’d with separate IT departments for different functions and

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Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

One of the benefits of working for BlueFletch is that everyone is urged to take training and go to conferences for things that interest them. A couple of months ago some of my peers chose to go to the Robots Conference (and,

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August Smart Lock

A few months ago I saw the announcement that August Smart Lock was going to be sold in Apple Stores.  This told me they were ready for prime time. I’ve always been interested in the “Internet of Things” and smart

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Getting Your Life Organized with Trello

A few months ago Jeff told me about a cool app that he was using to manage workflow: Trello I tried it out at work for managing my day-to-day tasks, but it didn’t catch on.  It just didn’t fit into

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My Mac Tools

Previously I wrote about My Windows Tools, but now that I’ve had my Mac for about 8 months I think it’s time to dive into the best tools I’ve found for being productive on OSX. Full Applications Skitch (Free) I

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The Benefits of Being A Technical Project Manager

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of other IT project managers that never really understand the technical side of their project or product.  Most didn’t even have a desire to do so!  Coming from both a business and

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Fitbit Force Idea: Meeting Reminders

When news came out earlier this month that the Fitbit Force would be getting caller ID sometime soon (next month?), I got really excited about the future of this little gadget. Caller ID would be pretty great: I can imagine

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My Windows Tools

I know that I just got a Macbook, but I still have a lot of use for most of these Windows Tools. (I also started working on this before I bought the Macbook and wasn’t going to let it go

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Setting up Node on Amazon EC2

There’s a lot of articles out there about setting up Node on Amazon EC2 – the one I found most useful was probably this one: Having gone through this process twice, here’s my quick steps on how to setup the

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When Technology Fails: Lost Baggage

This past weekend I flew on a 6pm flight from Atlanta (ATL) to Orlando (MCO) and checked one bag. We arrived around 7:30pm, but the checked bag did not. Over the course of the next 18 hours, I realized that

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