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My First Mac: One Week In

For those of you that know me, you know that in the past I’ve avoided Apple products like the plague. Well last weekend I took the plunge and got a Macbook Pro. For years I argued that: I didn’t want

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My First Published Android App and Lessons Learned

After I attended AnDevCon earlier this year I started working on a native Android app that solved one of my biggest needs: easily saving an article, video, or tweet to come back and read later. Most of the time this

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Getting to Know Gradle: Auto-Increment Version and Signing Releases

After attending AnDevCon 2013 in San Francisco a few weeks ago and creating my own application, I decided it was time to become more familiar with gradle and the build process. I set out to accomplish two things: Auto-increment the

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AnDevCon 2013 Recap

Last week I attended AnDevCon, the Android Developer Conference, in San Francisco and had a great time. Although I was probably one of the least technical people there, I did learn a lot and even created my own app ( I

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Node.js Boilerplate: Express, Mongo, Cross-Origin, and More…

One of the best things I’ve learned over the past year has been how to quickly stand up some web service APIs using node.js. In that time, I’ve used it for 3 projects: A yammer-like social community for BlueFletch where

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Hello world!

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to start this blog to provide my thoughts on everything from new technology and gadgets to side projects I’m working on. I’ll try to keep things brief and informal.

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