Side Projects

BlueFletch Feed

At BlueFletch, the consulting firm I work for, we wanted a place to collaborate to share interesting links, post about upcoming conferences and training, and help with coordination since we’re all not in the office all of the time. Initially we looked to Yammer, but (at least at the time) it was a piece of junk with a horrible Adobe Air desktop client that constantly crashed or asked for updates.

I took it as an opportunity to learn about nodejs and better my skills with backbone and require.

Code on GitHub


One of the best services I’ve used in the past few years was PicDigest, which emailed a daily digest of instagram pictures to a set distro list. It was great for keeping grandparents and other family members up to date with pictures of my daughter for those that either didn’t have instagram or those that wanted to save pictures from instagram (which instagram doesn’t allow).

Unfortunately the author took the service offline, so I decided to rebuild it myself. After a few of weeks of getting familiar with the instagram API, node-cron, and nodemailer, the final product was ready to turn on.

Code on GitHub

Later (Android App)

After attending AnDevCon 2013, I wanted to use some of my new skills to create an Android app. My use case was pretty simple: I’ve got a few minutes spare that I’m using to catch up on twitter, hacker news, etc. on my phone and I see an article that I’m interested in but don’t really have a lot of time to read the whole thing – I want to “share” this to another app and save it for later.

I called the app Later and it’s still a work in progress, but it functions pretty well and fills the gap for my use case.

Code on GitHub